Anis Kallel

Tech enthusiast, Entrepreneur and full time Pan-Africanist

“Done is better than perfect”- Sheryl Sandberg, LEAN IN


Home Town: Sfax, Tunisia
School: University of Rochester '17
Majors: Computer Science (B.S) and Business (B.A)

My name is Anis, You can find my resume [ here ] , or feel free to connect with me on social media. Links are in the contact section

Career interest: I am passionate about learning new technologies, improving the quality of education for generations to come, and connecting people all over the world, especially in Africa.

Hobbies: Someone told me once to never do the things I am too comfortable doing, and to try to pick up different skills or work on projects outside my comfort zone. I try to live by that advice and I welcome any suggestions!

My hobbies include beat-boxing, singing, playing soccer (and basically any other sport). I recently got into photography as well.

Causes I support:
- Wallah we can
- Yes Theory

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